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MicroFlo-L Digital Fuel Management System by Shadin

This simple to use digital fuel management system delivers accuracy up to 2%, providing fuel used, fuel remaining, and endurance (in hours and minutes) data, as well as safety alerts for low fuel and endurance situations (programmed by the operator). Adjustable brightness enables easy reading in any light condition.

When interfaced with a GPS system, the Microflo-L offers the additional features of fuel to destination, fuel remaining at destination, and nautical miles/unit of fuel (gallons, pounds, or liters). All the pilots needs to program is the total usable fuel, and then fuel added each time the aircraft is fueled. All other functions are automatic.

The (-L) model interfaces with most GPS systems and additionally provides:

  • fuel needed to destination
  • fuel available upon reaching destination
  • nautical miles covered per unit of fuel burned

Whether flying VFR or IFR, this information eases the pilots workload and decision-making process, and contributes to a safer, more enjoyable flight.



      • Computerized Fuel Management System
      • Display functions provide fuel flow, fuel used, fuel remaining, and time remaining for up to 900 gallons
      • Fits in 2-1/4" hole
      • Readout can be in gallons, pounds, or liters
      • Can be installed on virtullay any single or twin, reciprocating or turbine engine aircraft by selecting proper fuel flow transducer
      • Total fuel flow normally displayed on left of display window
      • Twin engine models display fuel flow of each engine separately
      • Fuel used and fuel remaining are continuously computed and displayed on right of display
      • Endurance displays number of hours and minutes aircraft can fly at present fuel flow and available fuel
      • Amount of fuel used and fuel remaining are stored into non-volatile memory during power shut-down
      • Test Function checks actual operation of all Microflo functions even when flying


      • Weight: 8 oz.
      • Size: 2.25" x 4.24"
      • Temperature: -30 to +50C
      • Input Voltage: 12-28 VDC
      • Input Current: .2 amp max
      • Flow Rate: up to 450 GPH
      • Max Usable Fuel: 900 gallons
      • Accuracy: +-2%
      • TSO: C44a
      • Humidity: 95% at 32C
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