PAI-700 14V Compass


PAI-700 14V Compass

Vertical Card Compass TSO'd, 14V

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Precision Aviation PAI-700

The easy-to-steer-by presentation makes PAI-700 the most obvious and primary advantage of the Vertical Card Magnetic Compass. One can view the entire 360 degree dial at a glance with the aero designed lubber line on the. The PAI-700 Vertical Card Compass satisfies the FAA requirement that each aircraft must have a magnetic compass and is inherently stable due to the use of eddy current damping which is a natural phenomenon built into the basic design.

Vertical card compass 2.25”. The card rotates and presents all headings in true relation to line of flight. TSO’d. Specify 14V or 28V lighting. Mounts sold separately.

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