Pulsar Nav/Strobe/Position Lights- Pair

Part No: 01-1100-12

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Certification: Experimental Non-TSO
Voltage: 12V

Pulsar Nav/Strobe/Position Lights

The Pulsar (Navigation/Anti-collision Strobe/Position) wingtip lights are designed to be installed on the wingtips of an aircraft where the navigation (red and green) and position (white) lights can be seen to determine the direction of the aircraft. The Pulsar is TSO-C30c Type I, Type II, and Type III and TSO-C96a Class II approved. 

Plane Anti-Collision Lights Set

(NAV/ACS/POS) sold as pairs with the right-wing having a green navigation light and the left-wing a red navigation light. Both units include a 180 degree anti-collision strobe with a white position light in the rear of each unit. Both units are self-contained and require no power supply.

Ideal for the edge of a wingtip and are a direct replacement for Whelen part numbers 90569, 90340, 90375, A600, 90400, 90613, and 906033.
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