RCA 11A-17B

RCA 11A-17B

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Manufacturer: R.C. ALLEN

The R.C. Allen directional gyros and artificial horizons are made with quality and precision. They are non-tumbling within +/- 85° pitch and roll for 360°.

The RCA-11A series of vacuum directional gyros utilize and air driven precision gyro that controls a vertical rotating azimuth gimbal. The R.C. Allen Model RCA11A has been designed to provide a long life of accurate operation even when subjected to severe operating requirements. This instrument is engineered with a minimum of machined parts, providing lower initial cost and lower maintenance cost through its lifetime.

LENGTH: 6.7 in. HEIGHT: 3.4 in.
WIDTH: 3.4 in. WEIGHT: 2.75 lbs.
STARTING CURRENT: 14 VDC - 2.4 A max; 28 VDC - 1.4 A max RUNNING CURRENT: 14 VDC - 1.2 A; 28 VDC - 0.6 A


The RCA11A is non-tumbling within ±85° limits in pitch and roll and can be easily installed in any 3 1/8″ panel cut out. Full freedom design allows accurate indication, even after extreme maneuvers. Stainless steel is used at wear points, with aluminum investment and die castings.

A knob is provided to reset the gyro, when compared to the magnetic compass. the RCA11A-8 features the “standard” display.

Meets or exceeds all requirements of FAA TSO C5c and Aeronautical Standard AS397.
Made in the USA

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