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The new SAE5-35 has given sight to the blind encoder by combining Mode C encoding with an Altitude Inflight Monitor (AIM) and multiple RS-232 outputs for GPS and terrain awareness systems. The AIM function keeps a constant eye on the pilot's selected cruise altitude and advises any altitude deviation of 100 ft. Certified to 35,000 feet, the SAE5-35 provides transponder Grey code output and two RS-232 digital outputs in a single unit eliminating the need for any other special adapters or serializers.

SIZE: 1.06"H x 4.87"W x 4.74"D WEIGHT:  .7 lbs
ALTITUDE:  35,000 feet CURRENT: .9 amps (w/heater on)
OUTPUTS:  One Grey Code, Two RS232 RESOLUTION: Grey Code-- 100 feet, RS232-- 10 feet
ACCURACY:  50 feet or better throughout range  TSO:  C88a 
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