SCI-S4 Stereo Crew Isolate 4 and 6 Place Panel Mount Intercoms

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Sigtronics SCI-S4 Stereo Crew Isolate 4 and 6 Place Panel Mount Intercoms

  • Dual Music Inputs. Pilot / Co-pilot and crew can choose their own music. Automatically mutes with incoming traffic or when intercom is used.
  • Dual Squelch Indicator Lights. You know instantly which position to adjust. No more guess work.
  • Dual Volume Controls. You control the volume of both front and back seats. We've added the extra volume you wanted.
  • Dual Squelch Controls. Set the squelch of the front and back seats from one position.
  • Crew/Pilot Isolate. Talk with your Co-Pilot while your passengers enjoy their own conversation. Isolate to talk to ATC if you like.
  • Small Size. You will only need a 1" by 2.5" panel space for this powerful intercom. The SCI-S4 is designed to make upgrading from a SPA-400 / 600 easy.
  • 5-Year Warranty. Not that you'll ever need it. Our quality and dependability is the standard by which all are judged.
  • RFI and EMI Immune. We engineer all of our products the right way. No need for expensive shielded cable to make up for poor design.
  • Pre-Wired Harness. Easy to install. Includes all hardware, including new jacks, needed for installation.
  • Soft Touch Knobs. Larger, easier to read and control.
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