Sport Pilot Flight Maneuvers

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The Gleim Sport Pilot Flight Maneuvers and Practical Test Prep book is designed to simplify and facilitate your flight training. Through discussions and detailed illustrations, this book teaches you each flight maneuver or other subject area task (such as preflight preparation) prior to your flight lesson. Thus, you will be thoroughly prepared to spend more quality time in the airplane. This book will make your flight training easier to understand and is a must for studying prior to your FAA practical test.

Three books in one!

  1. Fully illustrated and detailed flight maneuvers based on the FAA test standards
  2. Official Practical Test Standards reprint
  3. Oral Exam Guide containing hundreds of possible questions your evaluator might ask during the practical test


  • Prepare for your oral exam by using the Oral Exam Guide, included as an Appendix
  • Learn from others' mistakes by reviewing common errors and how to avoid them
  • Sport Pilot Training Procedures and Endorsements section to guide CFIs in giving correct endorsements
  • Review completion requirements with an exact reprint of FAA Sport Pilot Practical Test Standards (PTS)

Table of Contents

Part I: -- General Information

Study Unit 1: The Sport Pilot Certificate 
Study Unit 2: Optimizing Your Flight and Ground Training
Study Unit 3: Your Pilot's Operating Handbook 
Study Unit 4: Basic Flight Maneuvers 
Study Unit 5: Your FAA Practical (Flight) Test
Study Unit 6: Special Emphasis Areas

Part II: -- Flight Maneuvers and FAA Practical Test Standards: Discussed and Explained

Study Unit I: Preflight Preparation
Study Unit II: Preflight Procedures
Study Unit III: Airport Operations
Study Unit IV: Takeoffs, Landings, and Go-Arounds
Study Unit V: Performance Maneuvers
Study Unit VI: Ground Reference Maneuvers
Study Unit VII: Navigation
Study Unit VIII: Slow Flight and Stalls
Study Unit IX: Emergency Operations 
Study Unit X: Postflight Procedures 

APPENDIX A: FAA Sport Pilot Practical Test Standards Reprinted 
APPENDIX B: Oral Exam Guide
APPENDIX C: Weather Information
APPENDIX D: FAA Sport Pilot Training Procedures and Endorsements

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