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Price of this unit includes basic harness for homebuilt/experimental aircraft. Certified/production aircraft price is from $22,795 installed.

This unit helps save space by allowing the equivalent of a four-inch screen in a three-inch unit. The SN3500 from Sandel features an ultra-wide-angle display which gives a true 180° viewability in both horizontal and vertical axes. In addition to a full suite of NAV presentations, including Compass, Map, Flight Plan and RMI formats, the SN3500 from Sandel can now provide a link to your aircraft's WSI weather radio unit, to show precipitation and lightning data.

In addition to the other features of the SN3500 from Sandel it allows for input from a range of compatible TCAS/TAS sensors and Stormscoper data, a standard feature, can be overlaid directly on your navigation displays. The SN3500 from Sandel offers an unprecedented degree of situational awareness at the touch of a button. The SN3500 is available for both fixed-wing and helicopter applications.

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