Static Wick Cover (Square Style)

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Static Wick Cover (Square Style)

These rectangular profile static wick covers measuring 0.5×0.25″ inside fit ‘yellow pronged’ Dayton Granger static wicks. The attached highly visible reflective flags make wing tips more obvious, thereby preventing ‘hangar rash’ or ‘ramp rash’. The blazing lime green color of this foot-long, weather-resistant, reflective streamer stands out equally well in daylight or dusk, under all weather conditions, so it can’t be missed. Slide these rectangular profile covers on for a tight weather resistant fit on Falcon, Hawker, Beechjet, Lear Jet and many other static wicks. 

Item #SWSCX3DAS030
Weight: 0.15 kg
Includes three (3) Static Wick Covers per package Square Poly, 0.75″x0.25″ID x 5.25″ Long Replaces Rapco Part# 8808-7
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