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With features such as a bright, high-resolution, 10” screen and innovative synthetic vision technology, the Dynon Avionics Skyview is the premier EFIS display. The Dynon Skyview is high-performing and uses the most advanced technology available, which is why it’s the most reliable EFIS display in avionics.

Dynon SkyView Features include:

Terrain and Navigation Data: Worldwide synthetic vision, terrain, navigation and obstacle databases are available.

Integrated User Interface: Multi-function joysticks (left, right, up, down, diagonal, push, and rotary) offer easy and intuitive control of the SkyView displays. EFIS, EMS, synthetic vision, transponder, autopilot, top-down terrain view, and menu structures are all available with less than three button presses.

Integrated Autopilot: Complete 2-axis autopilot with the addition of servos. Autopilot features include heading hold, GPS ground track hold, control wheel steering, VNAV, IAS Hold, mode sequencing, and fully coupled approaches. Also a LEVEL button is now available that when pressed, will return the aircraft to straight and level flight.

An optional integrated Mode-S transponder saves panel space with control and annunciation appearing on the SkyView displays. The light weight transponder module can be mounted anywhere in the airplane that is convenient.

Traffic: SkyView displays traffic data from a variety of sources, displayed on both the moving map and synthetic vision using industry standard TCAS I symbology. Location, severity of threat, distance, vertical separation, and direction of motion are all displayed. Traffic data can be provided by a SkyView transponder, a Zaon XRX passive traffic receiver, a NavWorx ADS-B receiver, or any device that can output in the GTX-330 traffic format. This allows SkyView’s traffic feature to be used anywhere in the world, and with many different technologies.

Reliability Built In: The optional backup battery will provide over an hour of backup power to one display, network, GPS receiver, and modules. Each display needs its own backup battery. Dynon

G-Meter: The pilot selectable G-Meter combines a large, classic analog presentation with advanced digital functionality.

USB Updates: Convenient program and data updates via USB memory stick.





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