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Manufacturer: DYNON AVIONICS

Call for price
Audio Panel Features at Half the Price
The new SV-INTERCOM-2S solves the problem of having to choose between an underfeatured intercom or an expensive audio panel. With ample inputs for EFIS systems, stereo music, and all the other technology in your panel, the SV-INTERCOM-2S has the features that your modern connected 2-place aircraft requires.
Not just for SkyView
The SV-INTERCOM-2S is for ALL experimental and light sport aircraft.
High-Fidelity Audio Circuitry
No more scratchy, garbled voices. Stereo music that sounds fantastic!
Dual Radio Support
The SV-INTERCOM-2S has dual radio outputs for the well-equipped panel. Fail-safe between the pilot headset and primary radio allows communication without intercom power.
Horizontal and Vertical faceplates are both included; headset jack kits also included.
Selectable Auto Mute turns down the music when a radio or other non-muting input (like an EFIS alert) receives audio. A single knob press toggles whether or not intercom speech also mutes music.
Independent intercom Voice Activation reduces background noise; talking on one headset won’t open up squelch on the other. Radio broadcasts are also isolated so that only the person pressing the PTT is heard over the air.
Muting Inputs
1x stereo, differential, noise-rejecting music input, with panel-mounted music jack override.
1x mono input for additional muting source.
Non-muting Inputs
1x stereo, differential, noise-rejecting EFIS input.
3x mono inputs for radios and other avionics.
One of these is fail-safed to the pilot headset.
2x stereo headsets supported.
Radio Outputs
2x com radio outputs. External PTT selector required.
3.5” (89.71mm) x 1.80” (45.72mm) x 4.18” (106.17mm)
7.2 oz (204g)
Input Voltage
10-30V DC
Power Usage
0.1A at 14V


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