SV-NET-10CP Network Cable

Part No: 101269-010

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Network Cable - 1 end with connector, 1 end with pins only, 10' long

kyView Network cables with a connector pre-made on one end, and pins on the other.

These longer cables are intended to connect a display to an ADAHRS Module located back in the fuselage or wing. Or, for aircraft with a rear-engine, they are used to connect to the EMS Module mounted near the aft firewall. One end has only the pins crimped to the wires so that the cable can be easily routed through bulkhead through-holes, conduits, and other tight paths. Once the cable is installed in the aircraft the pins can be easily affixed to the D9 connector with the included insertion tool.

  • Two sets of twisted wire pairs for two SkyView Network connections (for redundancy)
  • Two sets of 8V Power and Ground wires (for redundancy)
  • One 12 Volt wire
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