uAvionix skySensor Integrated Wingtip ADS-B "In" System- Certified TSO

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uAvionix skySensor Integrated Wingtip ADS-B "In" System- Certified TSO

Intended as a companion product to skyBeacon, skySensor includes a dual-band ADS-B receiver, static pressure sensor, and GPS. Traffic, weather and position are transmitted via WiFi to GDL90 compatible EFB applications.

skySensor receives dual-band ADS-B traffic information.  1090ES and 978(UAT) traffic broadcasts are displayed on supported EFB moving maps relative to your aircraft position and altitude.

  • Receives 978MHz (UAT)
  • Receives 1090MHz (1090ES)
  • TIS-B Traffic reports of non-ADS-B equipped aircraft from FAA ground stations
  • ADS-R rebroadcasts of ADS-B traffic from FAA ground stations

skySensor receives subscription-free in-flight weather (FIS-B) directly from FAA ground stations. FIS-B includes the following weather information:

  • NEXRAD radar
  • METARs
  • TAFs
  • Winds and temps aloft
  • PIREPs
  • NOTAMs
  • TFRs
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